VIDEO: Padres Responds to AG's Statement on Metro Tuition-Rate on 9News

VIDEO: Padres Responds to AG’s Statement on Metro Tuition-Rate on 9News

VIDEO: Watch the 9News clip featuring Padres & Jóvenes Unidos' attorney Winter TorresSuthers: Metro State's new tuition rate unlawful
DENVER - Colorado Attorney General John Suthers says the Metropolitan State College of Denver does not have legal authority to create a discounted tuition category for illegal immigrants.
Prior to this passing, undocumented students paid out-of-state tuition of about $8,000 per semester. Now, undocumented students who have graduated from in-state high schools will pay about $3,400. In-state tuition is about $2,200.
In his opinion, Attorney General John Suthers points out the Legislature has considered and rejected this type of legislation six times in the past decade; the latest attempt was this past session.
"I think we're disappointed there wasn't a more cooperative relationship between us and Metro," Deputy Attorney General David Blake said. "I think we would have been able to provide them some guidance, and I hope that they will take this opinion and consider it."
Opponents say Metro State is rewarding people who break the law.
Padres Unidos, a community group that supports the rights of undocumented students, thinks this was a political move by the Attorney General, and an opinion that should be disregarded.
"I think Metro State should stick with their decision," Padres attorney Winter Torres said. "If they're challenged in court then they should litigate it, and the community will support them. It does nothing but hurt the state."
In a statement, Metro State officials said the tuition change wasn't intended to disregard Colorado law or its legislature, and they don't believe they've done that.
The statement goes on to say, "The structure of nonresident tuition rates by state higher education institutions are not required to be authorized by the state legislature; and this nonresident tuition rate contained no state subsidy. "


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