Our Barrio Votes 2019

This November, we have a critical school board election in Denver. Denver voters will have the opportunity to vote for three new school board members. Voters in District 1 (southeast Denver) and District 5 (northwest Denver) will elect their new representative; and all Denver voters will elect one at-large representative.

Students of color in Denver are being failed by DPS. This is why OBV is working on this election. As a 501c3 organization, we do not endorse or oppose any candidate. Instead we are educating voters about the importance of voting and school board elections. What we want is a school board that works to meet the needs of ALL students of color by: 

  • Investing in high-quality community schools that prepare all students for college and career 
  • Creating schools that respect, celebrate and teach our history and culture 
  • Ending school policing and student pushout 
  • Hiring more psychologists, social workers, counselors and restorative justice  coordinators 
  • Hiring and retaining more educators of color and bilingual educators 

Need more information to vote? 

Key dates: 

  • You will receive your ballot in the mail the week of October 14th
  • You need to fill out your ballot and mail it before Halloween
  • After halloween you must drop it off or vote in person at a voter service location 
  • You must vote by 7p.m. on Election Day - November 5, 2019

To find your nearest voting location, click here 

To register to vote, or locate your registration, click here

More About the DPS Board of Education

The Denver Public Schools (DPS) Board of Education is composed of 7 representatives that are elected by their voters. 2 represent the entire city of Denver (at-large) and the rest represent their district. Elections happen every 2 years. Members can serve up to 2 terms. Each term lasts 4 years. 

The DPS School Board has a lot of power and makes very important decisions like: deciding how to spend money, closing and opening schools, designs and approves policies. DPS has a $1 billion dollar budget and their decisions affect over 92,000 students, their families and thousands of educators.

To see who the candidates are, click here.

To learn more about the DPS Board of Education, click here.

Join Us!

PJU strongly believes that education is liberation for working class communities of color and we know that schools are the battleground for civil rights. That’s why this Fall we’ll get out the barrio vote for high-quality culturally-affirming community schools. Too much is at stake for black and brown youth in this country right now.

To support OBV, please volunteer by signing up here. You can also invest in our work by making a contribution to our Barrio Votes program. Your $25 donation can help us provide food for our youth canvassers. Click here to donate.

About Our Barrio Votes

Our Barrio Votes (OBV) is our statewide civic engagement program. The goal of OBV is to build people and political power to win policies at every level of government that puts the needs of people of color and working class families before profits.

OBV politicizes, mobilizes and activates voters of color, young people and working class families to: 

  • Show up at the voting polls to impact local, state and national elections 
  • Take back school boards, city halls and the State Capitol by directly engaging with elected officials in policy making

OBV integrates grassroots community organizing, digital organizing and traditional civic engagement approaches. Our year-long engagement tactics include: 

  • Voter education, voter registration and GOTV canvasses, phone banks and digital outreach 
  • Base-building, leadership development, direct action and on-going engagement with elected officials. 

Ultimately, OBV is about building a democracy that works for us - a people’s democracy. We believe that winning self-governance and self-determination for our people will only be achieved by ensuring that those most impacted by racial and economic injustice are at the forefront of policy-making. OBV is our vehicle to do that. 

Upcoming Focus Areas for OBV: 

  • 2019 Denver Public Schools Board of Education Elections 
  • 2020 Census  
  • 2020 Colorado state elections 
  • 2020 presidential elections