Justicia de Salud


We believe that health is a human right but due to racism and discrimination, working class and people of color are denied equal access to a doctor, affordable healthy food and safe places to play and exercise. As a result, we are facing an alarming health epidemic. In Southwest Denver, 60% of students are overweight or obese. Children as young as two are developing life-threatening illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. If we do not reverse this epidemic, out youth will be the first generation in history to die before their parents. Therefore, we must fight for healthy schools! We are calling on Denver Public Schools (DPS) to act with the same sense of urgency we feel, to end health disparities and level the playing field so that all children can learn and succeed, regardless of where they live or what school they attend.


  1. Fresh and nutritious school food to help eliminate hunger and build healthy students.
  2. High quality PE classes and other physical activity opportunities to combat childhood obesity.
  3. Comprehensive wrap-around health services for all students and their families for a healthier, stronger school community.
  4. School environments that protect the social and emotional wellbeing of students and are based on equality and mutual respect for all people.


  1. Implement best practices including Breakfast After the Bell and Recess Before Lunch, as well as adequate time to consume meals to help eliminate hunger amongst our youth.
  2. Adopt nutrition standards that exceed the federal requirements. Strengthen scratch-cooking programs and expand farm-to-school programs so that all students have quality, healthy and fresh school food on a daily basis.
  3. Increase daily physical activities, including recess, sports programs and required PE classes. PE should use a standards-based curriculum taught by qualified and licensed PE instructors. Identify measures needed to bring facilities up-to-date, with a focus on creating physical environments that promote health and learning. Foster and support community health through the adoption of policies such as shared-used agreements.
  4. Establish School Wellness Centers with the needed nursing staff to provide free comprehensive physical and mental health services for all students and their families, including preventative health, dental, vision and counseling in partnership with local health institutions.
  5. Replace zero tolerance approaches to student discipline with Restorative Justice (RJ).
  6. Create schools that are the center of their communities where all students, parents and community members feel welcomed and valued. All school environments should respect and uphold the languages, cultures and customs of their community.
  7. Call on federal, state and local lawmakers to ensure adequate and equitable funding for all schools so that all students can benefit from high quality, healthy schools.

To get involved with our Health Justice campaign, please contact Isaias Vasquez at 303-458-6545 or emailing isaias@padresunidos.org