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Student Against STPPOur current reality is that the pre-K centers that 3-4 year olds attend in Denver varies widely depending on race, family income, and where they live. In a recent report by Padres & Jóvenes Unidos, our parent leaders and members found that Access, Cost, and Quality present the greatest challenges in the fight for our children to receive the best preschool education possible. Research also shows that children of color are disciplined more often and more harshly than their White counterparts as early as preschool.

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Lorena, Silvia, and Claudia are just a few of our parent members who are coming together to prepare their testimonies and speak out against preschool suspension and expulsion. They also are leading the conversation on why there must be equal access to QUALITY preschool programs in Denver. Our investigations revealed that southwest Denver is grossly underserved and students are disciplined harsher than their White peers.
1. Guarantee tuition-free access to high-quality, full-day pre-K for every 3-4 year old from a low to moderate income family.
2. Ban the use of suspensions and expulsions in pre-K.
3. Require that pre-K sites adopt a consistent policy for meeting the needs of dual language learners.
4. Raise the wage for pre-K teachers and staff.
5. Ensure all pre-K teachers and administrators receive training on classroom management, implicit bias, developmentally appropriate discipline, dual language learning, and the use of inclusive, culturally affirming practices.
-Reform ECE discipline policies in DPS by amending existing policy
-Pass legislation in Colorado in 2017 to end suspensions and expulsions in ECE -Grade 2
-Lay the groundwork for free access to high-quality pre-k through a possible coalition-based ballot initiative in 2018.

The Equity in Early Childhood Coalition  

ECE Stakeholder Meeting

ECE stakeholder groups come together for a panel discussion.

In collaboration with the Black Child Development Institute of Denver, Clayton Early Learning, Colorado Children’s Campaign, Hope Center, Representative Susan Lontine, and The Institute for Racial Equity & Excellence (IREE) we working to ban suspension and expulsion as a form of punishment in early childhood programs. Suspensions and expulsions have been disproportionately used on children of color, and have been proven to be ineffective forms of discipline. The Coalition held six stakeholders meetings to gather information and feedback to draft policy that will be introduced in 2017.


PJU ECE Report
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